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In this section we will learn the steps on how to install, configure, test and use an open source database,  MySQL and Java basic IDE, the JGRASP.  In MySQL section, we have tried the installation on Windows XP Pro SP2 and Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition. After completing the MySQL installation, we test it using MySQL Command Line Tools that bundled together with MySQL installation package.

Then we have tried and successfully installed MySQL GUI Tools which is a very useful when using MySQL on Windows system. For both, using the Command Line Client and the GUI tools, we practice the SQL database manipulation (mainly the data manipulation language (DML)) extensively. However we use NetBeans, the multilingual IDE instead, when executing the SQL scripts and statements. You can still stick to the Command Line Client or MySQL Query Browser Tools available in the MySQL GUI Tool pack to execute the SQL scripts and statements.

In the second part, we have tried installing the basic Java IDE, jGRASP. This simple IDE used in the Java programming for the Java old plain codes. There are many Java examples provided, from the basic up to the object oriented level.








MySQL - An open source database

  1. Install, configure, test and use MySQL on Win XP Pro SP2.

  2. Install, configure, test and use MySQL on Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition SP2.

  3. Install MySQL using detailed configuration.

  4. MySQL DML practice 1 - executing the SQL DML.

  5. MySQL DML practice 2. - executing the SQL DML.

  6. Install, test and use MySQL GUI tools - The MySQL Administrator and MySQL Query Browser

  7. MySQL database manipulation using MySQL Windows GUI tools.

jGRASP – The Java IDE

  1. Install, test and use JGRASP – for basic and educational Java programming purposes. Include the Java old plain code program examples.

  2. Java programming tutorial Part 1.

  3. Java programming tutorial Part 2.

  4. Java programming tutorial Part 3.

  5. Java programming tutorial Part 4 with useful Java resources.


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