Python for Windows (Windows XP Pro)




In this short tutorial we are going to install and test Python on Windows XP Pro SP2. There are a few versions of Python available for download, for example:


  1. ActiveState's ActivePython

  2. The official release of Python


There is also Jython - python for Java ( and IronPython - python for .NET (, but both of these are for special platforms that are for Java and .NET, respectively. Another one is from Chilkat which provides python module. Example python codes can be found at: Chilkat Python Code Example. In this tutorial we are using Python from Please download the MSI, latest stable version from: Double click the MSI file.


python for Windows MSI file ready to be run


Click the Run button.


Windows Security warning message page for unsigned software




Select the Windows user access. In this case we select Install for all users and click Next.


Python user selection option for Windows


Select the destination directory. In this case we just accept the default. Click Next.


python destination installation directory


Select the features that you want to install. In this case we select all the available features. You can check the disk usage for installation by clicking the Disk Usage button. Click the Next button after viewing/setting the disk usage and advanced option.





python features installation selection page


python for Windows installation disk usage


The Advanced button provides an option to compile .py files into byte code after installation. In this case we de e-select this option.


python for Windows .py option selection


The installation should starts.


python for Windows installation start



python for Windows installation progress


Click Finish button to complete python installation.


python for Windows installation completed successfully


The short cut menus are shown below. Let run the python command line tool. Select Python (command line) menu.


python for Windows start up menus


Type help() at the command prompt.





python for Windows run from Windows command line


Well, our python on Windows XP Pro should be working. You can try many sample codes from python tutorial. The following script test the print() routine from command line.


python for Windows - running python routine from Windows command line


Next, let test the same print() routine using the IDLE the python GUI. IDLE documentation can be found at: Python IDLE documentation.


python for Windows - python Windows GUI (IDLE) short cut menu


The following screenshot show a sample python script run using IDLE.


python for Windows running python script/routine from IDLE/Windows GUI






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