Installing PHPMyAdmin on Windows XP Pro 6



What do we have in this session 6?

  1. Configuration for PHP v5

  2. More Advanced Settings


Configuration for PHP v5


Note that this step is only required for PHP v5. Under PHP v4, PHP extension php_mysql.dll is build in and extension php_mysqli is not supported. Edit file php.ini, under the [Dynamic Extensions] Section by un-commenting the following lines (if not done yet).






The following is the shortcut.


Activating the mbstring and php_pdo_mysql PHP module extensions


You need to make sure the DLL is available under the ./ext folder. If those DLLs not available, you need to download them.


The PHP extension modules DLL php_mbstring.dll file


Next, clear the Browser’s cookies and reload the http://localhost/myphpadmin/ (or the URL that you have chosen during the setup).








phpmyadmin in action without mbstring error


More Advanced Settings


Well, the access works. However this is not what we want. The sample given is very basic that provide limited use. Let use the default given Find the config.default.php file under C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\phpmyadmin\libraries folder. Firstly you need to rename the original file to other name.


The phpmyadmin default config file


Then, copy config.default.php file to %your_phpmyadmin_root%\phpmyadmin folder. Rename the config.default.php to Open the file in WordPad.

Fill in the following line of script.


$cfg['blowfish_secret'] = 'dddhg6867877hgghg8908989';


With alphanumeric characters as done previously and save the file. Then, reload the phpmyadmin URL.


Setting the blowfish_secret for phpmyadmin





The phpmyadmin login page


Fill-in MySQL root username and its password (as used in MySQL installation). We cannot use pma user because all the configuration are set to defaults. However, by referring the documentation, the defaults value should be fine. (If the parameters are not provided, then the values will be set to defaults);


Login phpmyadmin using MySQl root username and its password


Well, if it takes so long to login and then the page just blank re-open file and change the host parameter from 'localhost' to '', save the file.


Changing phpmyadmin config file setting from localhost to


Make sure you clean-up the Browser’s cookies and reload the URL.


Another phpmyadmin login page using root username and its password







phpmyadmin main page in action


Now, all the system go!


Exploring phpmyadmin




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