Using Hibernate

in a Java Swing Application 8




  1. Running the Project


Running the Project


Now that the coding is finished, you can launch the application.

Firstly you may want to build the project. Select the project root folder > right-click mouse > select Build menu.


Building the project via the Build context menu


Make sure there is no error.


The Build sample output log


Before you run the project, you need to specify the application's Main Class in the project's properties dialog box. If no Main Class is specified, you are prompted to set it the first time that you run the application.

Select the project root folder > right-click mouse > select Run menu.


Invoking the Run context menu to run the project





Select sakila.ui.MyDVDStoreAdmin for the Main Class. Click OK.


Selecting sakila.ui.MyDVDStoreAdmin as the Main class


Type in a search string in the First Name or Last Name text field and click Query to search for an actor and see the details. The following screenshots show some examples.


The MyDVDAdminStore project sample output










Querying the first name based on the 'Pe'


A sample of the query result






A sample query based on the last name starting with 'm' and its result


You can also see the run log file in the Output window.


A sample of the project running output logs




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