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In this final part tutorial we will learn how to install and use DBDesigner, an open source database modeling and design tool. We start with the installation, configure and then use the DBDesigner in creating a simple database model. in this section also we learn how to find the Entity Types, create an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) and converting the ERD diagram to Relational model. The relational model, then can be converted into any SQL database scripts that can be used to create tables. Extending this steps, we learn about the Normalization, that is how to optimize the database design by removing the redundant database objects. The whole process been done assisted by the DBDesigner tool. The database used is MYSQL. One of the example presented in this tutorial is the analyzing a web site in the database design aspect. In this case we use DBDesigner to reverse engineered the SQL scripts to the ERD diagrams. In the bigger perspective of the information system development, we also include an example of the information system development process at the planning and analyzing stage...enjoy friends!






  1. Information System Development example: Planning and Analysis Process Example.

  2. Install, Test and Use DBDesigner: An Open Source Integrated Database Tool.

  3. Using DBDesigner: Analyzing Database (MySQL) of the Web Site.

  4. Database Design: From ERD to Relational Model.

  5. Database Design Useful Notes (in PDF format): ERD, Relational Model and Normalization:

  1. Conceptual database modeling.

  2. Developing ERD model.

  3. ERD database modeling.

  4. This tutorial in PDF.

  5. From ERD to Relational model conversion example.

  6. Normalization notes/lecture.

  7. Normalization exercise.

  8. Tutorial on database modeling and ERD.

  9. Another Normalization example.


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