Adding Web Server to Eclipse




In this tutorial we will learn on how to add new web servers to Eclipse. The web server to be added is GlassFish. Make sure the computer used to complete this task is connected to the Internet with acceptable speed.

Firstly, launch Eclipse IDE. Click Window menu > select Show View sub menu > select Servers.


Eclipse - invoking the Servers page







Or, right click mouse anywhere in the Servers page > select New menu > select Server sub menu.


Eclipse - Invoking the Server page


Next, in New Server page, notice in the middle box which list the available servers. We are going to download Glassfish server which is not in the list. Type the Server’s host name (if needed). In this case we are using 'localhost'. Then, click the Download additional server adapters link.


Eclipse - New Server page - downloading new web servers


The Install New Extension wizard will begin, searching available server adapters which are available from the update servers.





Eclipse - Install New Extension page - finding new server adapters


Next, from the list of available server adapter, select Glassfish server and click Next.


Eclipse - Install new Extension - selecting GlassFish Java EE 5, Java EE 6 web server adapter


The download requirements and dependencies process will begin.











Eclipse - Install New Extension page - calculating requirements and dependencies


After the download requirement and dependencies process completed, click Next.


Eclipse - downloading and installing new GlassFish web server


Accept the license agreement and click Finish.


Eclipse - accepting the license agreement of the GlassFish web server download


Click OK for the server adapter download confirmation prompt window.


Eclipse - Install Extension page, new web server adapter download and install prompt page


The Glassfish download and installation will begin. Click Details for the details process.


Eclipse - the GlassFish Java EE 5 and 6 web server installation begins


The task can be set to be done at the background by clicking the Run in Background button.


Eclipse - the GlassFish web server installation can be suppressed to be done at the background


Finally, restart Eclipse in order the new downloaded and installed Glassfish server take effect.


Eclipse - restarting the Eclipse in order the new installation will take effect


Now, in the New Server page, Glassfish server will be visible in the list of the available servers that are associated to Eclipse and ready to be used.


Eclipse - GlassFish web servers are visible in the New Server page that are ready to be used





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