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What to say huh? This crap site exists in the Internet domain because of the related information searched before not found. Though with billion info indexed by search engines still cannot find the decent info on a complete step-by-step, detailed from creating a project using the IDE till the sample output displayed. Most of the good examples available are scattered, 'intermittent' in the steps and the 'suck' part are the steps that do not shown as expected. Asking in forums or blogs just provides a relief though.

A simple example with a complete flow of steps will be very useful for newbie and seasoned users. Another problem is the variety of technologies and 'environments' which cater to the specific audiences. With many platforms, technologies, techniques and styles combined together will create so many variables. Hence will satisfy the majority or just specific user or group of users. Others need to do it on their own way, as usual choosing the paid service. However the 'controlling' issue is not so good. Hopefully by providing some useful and workable solutions will make our live better. Serving the needed info obviously will make the Internet as a whole very useful domain for the 'mankind'.

These Java tutorials start from the zero ground level using the freely available resources. Beginning from installation, tweaking the basic configurations and then do the coding from basic examples while making them to work. Other related information in order to complete the main task also explained. For example, to run the Java web application we present the steps on how to setup the Glassfish and Apache Tomcat web server or at least make it run. You see, not just do the coding for the application development here. Most of the steps should be common to the would to be developer. Not just strict to java, other related 'technologies' such as Apache, PHP and many more that supposed to come in near future also included. The coding steps start from the plain old Java code with the console output (though this just a small portion) then proceed to the Java object oriented aspect, proceed to the desktop GUI application and finally the Web application applying the latest available technologies which change rapidly. Then, what else we can do as a technology slave? Well, it should be weird if we exclude the database part. The desktop and web applications are demonstrated using the database driven application. Beginning with the Java database, the Derby, then we adopt and adapt it to MySQL. May be next time, we will try other databases as well such as MS SQL, Oracle and postgres.

The setback is all the mentioned items just for Windows platform. Then you ask why? Why huh? Non-Windows platforms information already abundant, 'matured' and many are of-the-shelf. The information provided here should be expanded, shared and appreciated. Any comment good or bad is welcomed and appreciated. Send to contact[at] Privacy is protected.



Java GUI Code Example |Disclaimer |Privacy |C++ Object Oriented

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